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YFA Collectives

realistic, full, and lightweight synthetic wigs

No need to cut to style or shape! Simply shake and pull with your fingers for your desired Afro size and look! Available in multiple colors.

Signature by YFA

Be confident in the skin you’re in ladies & gentlemen!

Our Handmade Whipped Shea Butter is family friendly! Our CEO’s secret to her clear skin, natural glow, and healthy hair/scalp! 

Meet our CEO Your Fav African YFA

24 year old Entrepreneur who created both her hair company and skincare line from problem solving

I started up my Hair Company because I love Afros! They give me a very authentic look, which I can switch up daily, with the variety of selections I offer. My Afro Wigs look lovely bouncing as I dance as well! I’m an Afrobeats Dancer who makes sure to represent my brand as I execute my dancing skills in my social media videos. My Skincare Line is also something I represent daily! I assure that my skin glows with my Handmade Whipped Shea Butter and I smell exquisite with my Body Oil Fragrance. -CEO

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Brand Ambassador Sonia Barbie Tucker

Sierra Leonean model who takes pride in our jumbo Afro wigs, handmade whipped Shea butter, and body oil fragrance

I’m blessed to find a company who aligns with what I represent in my daily look. I’m known as the Afro Barbie who stuns people on the streets with YFA Collective’s Jumbo Afro Wig. I also take pride in my glowing melenated skin, thanks to Signature by YFA’s Whipped Shea Butter and Body Oil Fragrance! -Barbie

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“For Synthetic Hair, the texture is so soft and natural! It’s very full, just like I envisioned. The packaging is beautiful!” -Jolie Diamond

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